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Penguin Club Reunion Brunch!

Event Details

As part of the reunion experience, Wayne Foreman is organizing a reunion brunch of the Penguin Club!

If you were on the boy's or girls swim team; if you were a timer for meets; if you cheered for the swim team; or if you just liked to hang out with swimmers, you are invited to the Penguin Club brunch to be held at The Dish Restaurant on Green Bay Rd at noon on Sunday, August 29. The Brunch is being sponsored by an anonymous donor, so contrary to Mr. Wagner's lessons, there is such a thing as a free brunch. 

Registration is now open.  Just complete the information above in the "ticket / activity registration" area. 

Want to know who else is going?  View all who have registered by going up to the menu bar and clicking on Classmate Roster > Class of 70  or just click here: Class of 70